Change Your Address/Phone Number

Log In and select Update My Information in the margin, then select Update Mailing Address & Phone Number and follow the prompts. Need a Log In? Register here.

Change Your Bank Information

Mail or fax written instructions and provide a preprinted, voided check. Please refer to your Social Security or other Tax Identification number.

To help protect you from fraud, each time you change your bank information, a 7 calendar day holding period goes into effect before any redemption proceeds will be transferred or wired to your bank.

Change Your Name

If you change your name, please complete a Notice of Name Change PDF form. If you change your name for reasons other than marriage or divorce, please also include legal documentation supporting your name change with the form.

Designate or Change a Beneficiary

Periodically review your beneficiary designation, especially if there has been a change in your family status, such as marriage, divorce, death, or birth/adoption of children. Learn how you can .

Request Account Research

You may request research into your account history. A $15 per hour fee may apply.