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In the event of my death, pay the balance of my IRA as indicated above.

  • To designate multiple or secondary beneficiaries: you may do this online once your account set-up is complete or complete a Designation of Beneficiary form. If you're designating one beneficiary, you need only complete the beneficiary information in this application.
  • To designate a trust as your beneficiary: you must complete a Designation of Beneficiary form.
  • If you already have an IRA at American Century and this section is not completed, your existing designations will apply.

*Updates to a Traditional IRA also apply to a Rollover IRA and vice versa. A Rollover IRA is a Traditional IRA that only contains assets rolled over from a former qualified retirement plan.

Review and update your designation periodically, especially if there is a change in your family status (marriage, divorce, adoption of children, death of a family member) or if the information for a beneficiary changes. In the event of a divorce, a designation of a former spouse may not be valid unless you re-designate your former spouse by submitting a new beneficiary form after the divorce is final.

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