Our Culture

You'll notice our unique spirit and enthusiasm the minute you walk in the door. People genuinely care about each other. We work together to make our company successful by helping our investors, clients and one another.

Our founder, Jim Stowers Jr., established an environment in which everyone is encouraged to innovate and is supported in their professional and personal goals. Mr. Stowers asks that we "treat people as you would like to be treated." His words are embraced by our leaders and infused throughout the organization. This intangible spirit is one of the keys that place American Century Investments® among the nation's top employers, and it's one of our biggest sources of pride.

Guiding Principles

Open communication. Integrity. Recognition for a job well-done. Always learning, always growing. A feeling of value. These are just a few ways employees describe the culture at American Century Investments. It's a culture that's built around our Guiding Principles.

These five simple beliefs represent the foundation upon which Mr. Stowers began the business. They are:

  • Provide value for our investors
  • Challenge and inspire the best people
  • Build a financially sound company
  • Be adaptable and innovative
  • Work with integrity

These concepts are used daily as guidelines for decision-making. They are ingrained into our entire rewards framework and into everything we do.

Sharing in Success

Our team-based culture thrives on sharing the successes of both the company and individuals.

Each year, we recognize our top performing employees at an all-company celebration. By identifying the exceptional achievements of individuals and teams, we remember the guiding principles that define who we are and that guide us every day.

In addition to company-wide celebrations, we also encourage managers to celebrate the accomplishments of individual contributors and entire teams. This includes service anniversaries and project milestones which can be marked with a special lunch or team event - including outings to area parks, professional sporting events and amusement parks.

Every five years, employees who celebrate a service anniversary are awarded an anniversary gift of their choosing from our catalog. These gifts include watches, fine crystal, sporting goods, jewelry and home furnishings.

Open Communication

Communication is an important part of succeeding in today's competitive environment. We believe the more informed you are about your company and our industry, the better prepared you are to make educated business decisions.

We foster open, two-way, communication. This includes our award-winning corporate Intranet, our electronic question-and-answer database; quarterly all-staff Town Hall meetings; and regularly scheduled team meetings.

Community Commitment

Individually and collectively, the people of American Century Investments believe in working hard to achieve success for our clients and our communities.

We are guided by core values that shape the way we conduct our business. These have been in place since 1958, when Mr. Stowers founded the company and they haven't changed.

These values include a strong commitment to helping others and building a strong community.

One example is that in 1994, Jim and Virginia Stowers decided they wanted to give back something "more valuable than money" to the millions of people who helped make their success possible. As cancer survivors, they were determined to focus on the most significant things in life and looked for a way to improve the quality of others' lives so they, too, can survive. Their decision was to create the Stowers Institute for Medical Research - one of the most innovative biomedical research organizations in the world.

American Century Investments echos the Stowers' model of giving something "more valuable than money" by strategically focusing its giving.

  • Employee Involvement
    We give where our employees give their time, talents and financial support. Through our "Mutual Friends" employee volunteer program we support charitable organizations in our communities by pooling our time and talents. Projects include things like food pantry collections, school supply drives and team-building activities supporting the community.

    We recognize individual contributions of time and money through our "Dollars for Donors" matching-gifts program. Through this unique program, you can direct a portion of the American Century Investments Foundation giving to qualified organizations you personally support.

    Each employee can award up to $1,500 to a not-for-profit organization by volunteering time and/or making personal financial donations.
  • Financial Education
    We help parents and educators influence the behaviors of children and young adults to establish a path toward financial independence.

Diversity Has No Limits
What makes you different is what makes us different. At American Century Investments®, we recognize the value of diversity. We believe diversity is what makes us strong and what makes us complete as a workforce. As a company, we accept each person for who they are and the unique talent and strength they bring. It's one of the primary keys to successfully meet the demands of an ever-changing world.

We believe all individuals are entitled to equal employment and advancement opportunities without regard to race, color, sex, religion, age, ancestry, national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, genetics or any other basis protected by law. We do not permit discrimination, nor adopt any policy that discriminates against an individual or group of individuals on any of these bases. (EEO).