Build a Plan

Three Steps to Creating Your Investment Plan

Whether you're investing on your own or working with one of our experienced Investment Consultants, we suggest a three-step approach to creating your investment plan and putting it to work: Define, Design and Execute.

Step 2: Design a Strategy or Modify an Existing Strategy

  • Evaluate Your Risk Tolerance
    Our Investment Planner tool can help you determine how much of the market's ups and downs you're comfortable with and which mix of investments might suit your situation, depending on how conservative or aggressive you want to be.
  • Diversify
    Spread your investments across different types of assets to lower your overall risk. Learn more about how you can build a diversified portfolio with mutual funds and the importance of asset allocation.
  • Run the Numbers
    Use our Time Value Calculator to calculate how much you'll need to invest to meet your goals or our Planning for Your Retirement tool to calculate how much income you'll need in retirement, considering your risk tolerance, anticipated earnings rate, and how long you expect to rely on the investment.
  • Know Your Decision-Making Style
    How will you manage your portfolio? Will you do the research and regular portfolio reviews yourself, or will you also consult a professional for advice and recommendations?