Choose How You Want to Work with Us

We understand each investor is unique, and your needs may change. That's why we want you to decide how you want to work with us, and in turn, we provide the service that's right for you. Whether you prefer a more consultative approach, have occasional questions or prefer to do all the research yourself, we can help.

How Do You Want to Manage Your Investments? Benefits and Services You Can Expect
Do It Yourself
For the self-directed investor, we offer access to many of the same high-quality investment tools and resources our Investment Consultants use-online and available 24/7.
We Can Help
Investment Consultants are available to help you create your investment plan, answer specific questions about your plan, investments or the market in general. They can provide additional insight you might not get from online tools or research alone.
  • Risk tolerance and investing style evaluations
  • Compatible asset allocation portfolio and fund
  • Assistance in determining what type of account to open
  • Retirement planning, hypothetical asset projections, and more
We'll Do It for You
If you don't have the time or expertise to make all of your own investing decisions, you can put our professional money managers to work for you. We can even help determine your risk tolerance and investing profile with our Investment Planner tool, where you'll answer a few questions, and we'll show you a compatible asset allocation and fund.
  • Time-based and risk-based asset allocation portfolios invested in actively managed, no-load mutual funds
  • Broad diversification in up to 14 American Century Investments┬« funds in a single investment
  • Regular rebalancing by expert investment managers
  • Only one investment to track
  • Professional money management