Manage Your Portfolio

After you've created the ideal investment portfolio for your situation, we have the tools and resources available to help manage your accounts and your overall investment plan. Work with an Investment Consultant when you want investment guidance or to talk through your existing plans.

Make Changes to Your Portfolio

Sometimes you need to add or replace funds for further diversification in your portfolio, or perhaps you need to overhaul your portfolio as a result of a major life event or shift in your financial goals. Before making changes to your portfolio, consider:

  • Are your new choices aligned with your current goals, time frame and risk tolerance?
  • Are there other investment vehicles or account types that might fit your goals better?
  • Would consolidating investments help simplify your account management?
  • Depending on the type of account, are there fees, penalties or taxes associated with withdrawing or moving your money?

It's easy to make adjustments online when you log in or over the phone with an Investment Consultant.