Manage Your Portfolio

Gain More Control Over Your Financial Future

After you've built your plan and a diversified portfolio, set up time to regularly review your investments. We have tools available and resources to help to help you. Our Investment Consultants can provide guidance and talk you through your existing plans.

Portfolio Reviews—Strive for Better Outcomes

Changes in the market and life events are unavoidable. But, if you only check your portfolio when the market is volatile, you’re at a disadvantage. Buying or selling funds based on their recent performance is a recipe for buying high and selling low—the exact opposite of successful investing. To keep your plans on course, it’s wise to review your portfolio annually or when various life stages occur.

Questions to Consider During Your Review

  • Has a life event occurred?
    Your goals or risk tolerance will change over time, especially as you near retirement. Our Investment Planner tool is designed to help you determine your comfort with risk and investing style.
  • How much will you need for your goals?
    Take advantage of our calculators to help plan for your goals, such as retirement, college, and more.
  • How can you stay informed?
    Read market news and insights from our investment professionals to help make more informed decisions regarding the issues you face.

Diversification does not assure a profit nor does it protect against loss of principal.