Manage Your Portfolio

After you've created the ideal investment portfolio for your situation, we have the tools and resources available to help manage your accounts and your overall investment plan. Work with an Investment Consultant when you want investment guidance or to talk through your existing plans.

Regularly Review Your Portfolio

The market environment changes constantly, which can cause any long-term plan to go off course. To keep your investments on track, it's wise to set aside time to review your portfolio on a regular basis. A review is especially important if you've had any major changes in your life-starting retirement, changing jobs, getting married, welcoming a new child or grandchild, purchasing a house-so that you can evaluate your existing portfolio and make any necessary adjustments to your accounts.

The My Account Page Provides Secure Online Access to Your Accounts

  • See a snapshot of your accounts, including each fund's returns, transaction history, cost basis and Morningstar™ Ratings.
  • Transact on all your American Century Investments® accounts in one place (purchases, automatic investments, exchanges, etc.).
  • Review your account statements and tax forms online.

Questions to Consider During Your Review

  • Has your situation changed?
    Complete the questionnaire in our Investment Planner tool to determine your risk tolerance and investing profile, and we'll show you a compatible asset allocation and American Century Investments' fund.
  • Do you know how much you'll need for your goals?
    Take advantage of our calculators to help plan for your goals, such as retirement, college, and more.
  • Has the economic outlook changed?
    Read market news and insights from our investment professionals to help you make more informed decisions.