See how your investments might grow, uncover your suggested risk tolerance or figure out how to stay ahead of inflation.

  • Time Value Calculator
    Estimate the future value of an investment based on periodic investments, hypothetical rates of return and investing time frame.
    Approximate Time: 5 Minutes
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging Calculator
    Gain a better understanding of how dollar cost averaging could work over a 12 month period by entering a monthly investment amount and hypothetical share prices.
    Approximate Time: 5 Minutes
  • Investment Planner
    Answer a few questions to help determine your risk tolerance and investor profile, and we'll show you a compatible asset allocation and American Century Investments fund.
    Approximate Time: 15 Minutes
  • Savings Goal Calculator
    Try this calculator to see how much you might need to save each month to achieve a financial goal.
    Approximate Time: 5 Minutes