Nearing Retirement

Retirement can open a world of new opportunities, so you'll want to make sure you have the finances available to live the way you want. When you retire or are very close, your retirement plan is just as critical as when you were saving.

A solid retirement portfolio can provide income for expenses and may continue to earn you money, even as you begin to make withdrawals. Here are some tips for investing when you are close to or in retirement.

Create an Emergency Account

First, set aside money for the unexpected. Your emergency account should be large enough so that you don't need to sell some of your investments. A good guideline is to set aside enough to cover three to six months of your living expenses.

Balance Risk and Reward

Dividing your investments among stock, bond and money market mutual funds can help balance your portfolio. Although this kind of diversification strategy has been successful for many investors, it cannot ensure against loss.

Know Your Comfort Level with Risk

Preserving your retirement savings is of utmost importance, so most retirees opt for a more conservative portfolio. How much risk you keep in your portfolio is an individual decision, but one you will want to consider for your retirement investments.

Review Your Portfolio

Do a quick check-up on your retirement portfolio.

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Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Investment returns will fluctuate and it is possible to lose money.

IRA investment earnings are not taxed. Depending on the type of IRA and certain other factors, these earnings, as well as the original contributions, may be taxed at your ordinary income tax rate upon withdrawal. A 10% penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal before age 59½.

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