2015 Dividends-Received Deduction for Corporate Investors

Use this to determine your dividends-received deduction for corporate investors.

To determine the amount that qualifies for the 70% dividends-received deduction for corporations, multiply the total ordinary distributions received during calendar year 2015 by the percentage found on the right of the appropriate fund.

Fund Name Percentage to Apply to Ordinary Dividends*
AC Alternatives Income Fund
AC Alternatives Market Neutral Value Fund 100.00%
All Cap Growth Fund     0.00%
Balanced Fund   75.46%
Capital Value Fund 100.00%
Core Equity Plus Fund 100.00%
Disciplined Growth Fund   71.96%
Disciplined Growth Plus Fund 100.00%
Emerging Markets Fund     0.00%
Emerging Markets Value Fund     0.03%
Equity Growth Fund   70.11%
Equity Income Fund   90.04%
Focused Growth Fund 100.00%
Fundamental Equity Fund 100.00%
Global Allocation Fund   80.16%
Global Gold Fund     0.00%
Global Growth Fund 100.00%
Global Real Estate Fund
Growth Fund   66.41%
Heritage Fund     0.00%
Income & Growth Fund   74.96%
International Core Equity Fund     0.00%
International Discovery Fund     0.00%
International Growth Fund     0.00%
International Opportunities Fund     0.00%
International Value Fund     0.00%
Large Company Value Fund 100.00%
Legacy Focused Large Cap Fund 100.00%
Legacy Large Cap Fund   28.29%
Legacy Multi Cap Fund 100.00%
Mid Cap Value Fund   56.13%
Multi-Asset Income Fund   21.25%
New Opportunities Fund     0.00%
One Choice 2015 Portfolio 100.00%
One Choice 2020 Portfolio   30.71%
One Choice 2025 Portfolio   29.70%
One Choice 2030 Portfolio   31.80%
One Choice 2035 Portfolio   31.45%
One Choice 2040 Portfolio   36.17%
One Choice 2045 Portfolio   38.03%
One Choice 2050 Portfolio   40.14%
One Choice 2055 Portfolio   41.82%
One Choice 2060 Portfolio   36.21%
One Choice In Retirement Portfolio   30.79%
One Choice Portfolio: Aggressive   28.82%
One Choice Portfolio: Conservative   28.65%
One Choice Portfolio: Moderate   33.40%
One Choice Portfolio: Very Aggressive   35.06%
One Choice Portfolio: Very Conservative   22.68%
Real Estate Fund     0.50%
Select Fund 100.00%
Short Duration Strategic Income Fund     0.00%
Small Cap Growth Fund     0.00%
Small Cap Value Fund   37.34%
Small Company Fund 100.00%
Strategic Allocation: Aggressive Fund   87.41%
Strategic Allocation: Conservative Fund 100.00%
Strategic Allocation: Moderate Fund   81.51%
Strategic Income Fund
Strategic Inflation Opportunities Fund   00.00%
Ultra Fund 100.00%
Utilities Fund 100.00%
Value Fund   89.85%
Veedot Fund   41.56%

*Ordinary dividends includes net investment income distributions and short-term capital gain distributions.

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