Cash Investment Solutions

Looking for ways to manage your cash? American Century Investments® offers many choices for your cash to help you reach your investing objectives.

Whether your goal is preserving capital, maintaining liquidity, generating income or diversifying your portfolio, we offer the cash investment choices you need. We'll help you evaluate your goals, time frame and tolerance for risk and recommend solutions that suit your investing style.

Turn to Us for Complimentary Investment Guidance

Contact one of our Investment Consultants at 1-800-345-2021, who can help you:

  • Evaluate the wide variety of ways to invest for safety and yield
  • Help determine your risk tolerance and investor profile and provide a compatible asset allocation and American Century Investments fund.

Bond Funds

American Century Investments® offers a variety of bond funds designed to help you reach your income and diversification goals. Bond funds offer the potential for higher return in exchange for share price fluctuation.

Taxable Bonds

Taxable bond funds can provide a solid foundation for your investment portfolio through lower levels of volatility compared to riskier investments made in the stock market. Our taxable bond funds offer the primary benefit of total return, as well as secondary benefits like current income, low correlations with stocks or inflation protection.

Tax-Free Bonds

Bonds issued by state and local governments and other entities to raise monies for public works and improvements offer certain tax benefits to investors. Income dividends are free from federal taxes and, in some cases, state and local taxes.

Review our bond fund yields.

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