Stay Ahead of Inflation

Scale inflation hedges to match your risk.

Retirement is when investors face the greatest inflation risk because they need to fund the greatest amount of time in retirement, and typically aren't making regular contributions to offset declines. How much of an inflation hedge could you need?

Three approaches to add inflation-hedging assets to your portfolio.

When you've determined how inflation might affect your portfolio in the future, we offer three approaches, depending on how you want to manage your investments and how your portfolio is currently positioned:

  1. Diversified Approach: Does your portfolio need diversification as well as inflation-hedging components?
  2. Comprehensive Inflation Approach: If your portfolio is already diversified, do you want an "off-the-shelf," single-fund inflation option to add to your existing investments?
  3. Individual Approach: Would you prefer to buy individual stock and bond funds that invest in inflation hedges to complement your existing
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Diversification does not assure a profit nor does it protect against loss of principal.

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