Go Paperless

Did you know you can get your annual statement in paper and everything else via email? It’s one of four options you can choose when you enroll in eCommunication.

Receive your investor documents quickly and securely online when you sign up for eCommunication. You'll receive an email notification when communications like statements, prospectus updates and tax forms are available. You can then review them electronically when it's convenient for you.

With eCommunication, you have four choices for managing delivery of your important account documents:

  1. All documents electronically
  2. Annual statement in paper, all other documents electronically
  3. Quarterly and annual statements in paper, all other documents electronically
  4. Quarterly and annual statements and transaction confirmations in paper, all other documents electronically

Account documents you can receive electronically include:

  • Prospectuses
  • Annual and semiannual reports
  • Proxy materials
  • Transaction confirmations*
  • Tax Information**
  • Account statement (PDF format that you can print, download or save)

*Electronic transaction confirmations are not available for some account types at this time.
**Tax forms are sent electronically and in paper.

If you have a Giftrust® account, you can choose Options 1 or 2 since you receive only one year-end statement. Options 3 and 4 are not available.

Brokerage accounts also have paperless options.

eCommunication is not currently available for certain employer sponsored retirement plan accounts.