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Whether you want to receive all your documents electronically* or have some documents sent you in the mail, we make it easy for you to choose with our eCommunication program.

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eCommunication Options

Go paperless today to receive your account documents electronically.

Improved Security: You'll get safe and secure access through americancentury.com, with less chance of paper statements getting lost or stolen.

Save Time & Space: You can access documents quickly, eliminate clutter and positively impact the environment by reducing paper waste.

Convenience: You'll be able to save and print your documents at any time, from virtually any computer. You'll also have the option to access your information from compatible aggregators like Quicken and Mint.


Customize your eCommunication preferences.

Want to get some documents in paper, and some electronically? We have three options for you:

1. Paper annual statement, all other documents electronically.
2. Paper quarterly and annual statements, all other documents electronically.
3. Paper quarterly and annual statements, and transaction confirmations, all other documents electronically.

Account documents you can receive electronically include:

  • Prospectuses
  • Annual and semiannual reports
  • Transaction confirmations*
  • Tax Information**
  • Account statement (PDF format that you can print, download or save)

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*Electronic transaction confirmations are not available for some account types at this time.
**Tax forms are sent electronically and in paper.

If you have a Giftrust® account, you can choose you have the option to receive all electronic communication or your annual statement in paper, all other documents electronically, since you receive only one year-end statement. Electronic quarterly statements and transaction confirmations are not available.

Brokerage accounts also have paperless options.

eCommunication is not currently available for certain employer sponsored retirement plan accounts.