Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why do I have to fill out a new application when I already have mutual fund accounts with American Century Investments?

The laws and regulations that govern brokerage companies and mutual fund companies are different. According to the regulations governing brokerage companies, we are required to obtain additional information from brokerage customers.

How do I send a bank wire to American Century Brokerage?

You can send a bank wire by contacting the financial institution that will be wiring the assets to us. When requesting the wire you should instruct the financial institution to address the wire to:

The Bank of New York: ABA# 021000018
Pershing LLC Account Number: 890-051238-5
For Further Credit: Your name and American Century Brokerage account number

How do I transfer my account from an outside financial institution to American Century Brokerage?

You can transfer "in-kind" (without liquidating your shares or incurring a taxable event) many of the securities or mutual funds you own with other financial institutions. A Transfer Form is included for this purpose in the brokerage information kit. Additional Transfer Forms can be downloaded from Forms & Applications. You may be subject to transfer fees by the financial institution from which you are transferring. If you are charged a fee for transferring your assets to us, you can call a Brokerage Investment Specialist at 1-888-345-2071 to see if you are eligible for a rebate on all or a portion of the fee.

What are your commissions, margin rates and account fees?

Review our Fees & Commissions for trading stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds and precious metals. Please note that online trading is limited to stocks, options and mutual funds. Other securities and precious metals trades must be placed directly with one of our Brokerage Specialists at 1-888-345-2071. Fees and Commissions brochures are also included in our brokerage information kits.

Can I own non-American Century Investments mutual funds in my brokerage account?

Yes. The FundChoice ServiceSM offers most American Century Investments® mutual funds, plus funds from thousands of no-load and load fund families. Over 1,500 no-load funds are available with no transaction fees, while over 3,000 no-load funds are available with a transaction fee. There are no transaction fees to buy and sell load funds, but the sales load does apply.

Where can I find a complete list of funds offered through American Century Brokerage

You can find a complete list of the mutual fund families in the Fund Choices section. Or, look up a fund by requesting a mutual fund quote when logged in to your brokerage account. Once logged in, you also can use FundScanTM, an online mutual fund screening and sorting tool. FundScan can help you create a customized list of funds based on the criteria that you select.

How can I get research and information about stocks or mutual funds?

When you log in to your brokerage account, you'll have access to online news and FundScanTM mutual fund and ETF screener.

Can I buy a stock and then send you a check in the mail?

No. In order to purchase stock or other securities in a brokerage account, sufficient funds (or, in the case of a margin account, marginable securities) must be in the account on the day the order is placed.

Can I reinvest my stock or mutual fund dividends?

Yes. Many of the stocks and funds available through our brokerage service are available for dividend reinvestment. Please let one of our Brokerage Investment Specialists know if you would like any of your holdings set up for dividend reinvestment.

Can I buy IPOs through American Century Brokerage?

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) are not available through American Century® Brokerage at this time.

What types of accounts are available with American Century Brokerage?

In addition to the Standard Account, we offer the Corestone Account™ and IRA Account.

Visit Brokerage Account Types for more information.

How can I trade with American Century Brokerage?

You can place stock, option and mutual fund trades in any of the following ways:


By Phone
Using TeleSelect, our automated information and trading line at 1-888-345-2091. Quotes and account information also are available:

By telephone with a Brokerage Investment Specialist Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central time toll-free at 1-888-345-2071

In Person
Visit any of our three Investor Centers.

Note: Precious metals and fixed-income securities are not available for quotes or trading either online or using TeleSelect. Please contact us or visit an Investor Center to request a quote or place a trade in precious metals or fixed-income securities.

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