Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why am I receiving a pop-up survey from ForeSee Results?

Pop-up Survey - Review this help topic for more information.

How can I access my accounts online?

Review our How to Register help topic for more information.

Now that I have online access to my accounts, which account transactions can I perform online?

Investments*, Automatic Investments*, Exchanges and Redemptions*.

*In order to process these account transactions, you must have bank information on file for these accounts, which you can add online after you Log In. Learn more by visiting the following site help topics:

What do I do if I forgot my User Name, Password or answers to my challenge questions?

Review our Forgotten Log In help topic for more information.

How can I redeem from my IRA Beneficiary account, CESA account or other tax-deferred account (403b, SEP, SARSEP, etc.) online?

Please contact us by telephone for redemptions from CESA accounts, IRA Beneficiary accounts and tax-deferred workplace retirement plan accounts, such as 403b, SEP, SARSEP, etc.

Can I link my other family members' accounts to my account to view online?

A family member's account can be linked to your account through our grant access feature. Review our Link Accounts help topic for more information.

I moved recently and I'd like to update my mailing address of record for my accounts. Where do I go to change my address and perform other account maintenance tasks?

Review our Update Mailing Address help topic for more information.

How do I add/remove my banking information online?

Learn more by visiting the following site help topics:

Where can I download account maintenance forms on your site?

There are many forms available for download in our Form Center.

How do I register for online access to my Giftrust account?

Help Topic: Register as an Investor - View the steps to register an Giftrust® account on

Note: In order to access your Giftrust account online, you must have:

  • The employer identification number (EIN) that is assigned by American Century Investments
  • Account number for the Giftrust

If you do not have the EIN or account number, please contact us.

How do I view my Giftrust account online after it has matured?

When your Giftrust account matures, it is transferred out of the trust and into an individual account under your Social Security number. A new Giftrust account number is also assigned. In order to view this account online, you must register for online access using your Social Security number and new Giftrust account number. Learn how to register.

If you do not have your Giftrust account number, please contact us.

I received a postcard stating that my email address on file with American Century Investments may be incorrect. How can I verify or update my email address online?

To verify or update your email address anytime on, please:

What if my email address is correct on the postcard and online after I Log In?

Due to the variety of problems, there may be instances when email delivery is unsuccessful.1 These instances may include:

  • If you have multiple email addresses on file, there may be an old and invalid email address listed
  • Typos in your email address
  • You made changes to your email address that didn't go into effect before we mailed the postcard
  • If you manage accounts under a different Tax Identification Number, those accounts may have invalid email addresses (See note in previous FAQ)
  • Network problems with your ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Your in-box is full or not accepting email
  • Network problems impacting the Internet
  • Use of Spam Filters by your ISP or email application settings

1Important note to investors enrolled in exclusive online account management: As stated in the agreement, this option will be removed from your account after three failed delivery attempts to your email address of record. Once this option is removed from your account, we can no longer waive the $12.50 semiannual account maintenance fee.

How do the recent distributions on a number of American Century Investments' funds affect my accounts?

Federal law requires mutual funds to distribute their realized capital gains and income to investors at least once a year. Your distribution purchases additional shares if you reinvest them, and the share price will adjust down by the amount per share of the capital gain and/or income distribution. If you elect to have your distributions paid in cash, then the distribution will be sent to you.

You are required to pay income tax on any distribution in the tax year you receive it, unless your investments are in a tax-deferred account, such as an IRA.

To learn more about distributions and taxes, visit our tax center.

How do I obtain a Personal Access Code (PAC) for TurboTax, Quicken, H&R Block At Home or the automated phone system?

View or Change Your PAC Online:

  1. Log In with your User Name and Password.
  2. Select My Profile.
  3. Select the View or Change PAC link.
  4. To modify your PAC, select the Modify link next to the PAC.
  5. Enter and re-enter the new PAC.
  6. Select the Modify button.

Why does my bank charge me a fee when I send funds to my domestic bank via Automated Clearing House (ACH)?

Your bank may charge you for ACH transactions coded as International ACH Transactions (IAT) in accordance with U.S. laws. ACH transactions are required to be coded as IAT when you maintain a foreign address on file.

IRS Circular 230 Disclosure: American Century Companies, Inc. and its affiliates do not provide tax advice. Accordingly, any discussion of U.S. tax matters contained herein (including any attachments) is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, in connection with the promotion, marketing or recommendation by anyone unaffiliated with American Century Companies, Inc. of any of the matters addressed herein or for the purpose of avoiding U.S. tax-related penalties.

This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor for more detailed information or for advice regarding your individual situation.