Using Quicken

American Century Investments® offers transaction downloads into Quicken for mutual fund, brokerage and workplace retirement plan accounts. Please select the appropriate tab below to learn more.

Questions & Answers


If you're having problems that are specific to your Quicken software, such as accessing the Internet from within Quicken, please refer to the help information within the Quicken program, or visit Quicken Technical Support on the Web.

How often is account information updated?

Monday through Saturday between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. Central time.

I invested $2,000.00 in a particular fund, but the transaction is being shown as $2,000.01. Why is this?

This discrepancy is the result of the way Quicken rounds share values in individual transactions. Please be assured that your number of shares will always be accurate.

Why do I get the message, "Do you want specific identification of lots?" even when there is only one lot to choose from during online investment activities?

This message appears or doesn't appear depending on the specific transaction history involved with a specific security. In some cases, when accepting transactions individually and this message appears, pressing Accept All will take care of the message. In other cases, the message will continue to appear if there is only one lot to choose from when accepting transactions, or when you perform a sell or a Transfer Out (XOut).

What does error message "Account not found" mean?

Some new funds do not yet have a ticker symbol, which is required for price updates through Quicken. A fund will receive a ticker symbol when it has 1,000 shareholders or $25 million in assets.

Mutual Funds

What do I enter when Quicken asks for the Customer ID/Tax ID and Password from my financial institution?
  • Customer ID/Tax ID - Enter your Tax Identification Number (Social Security number or Employer Identification Number) without dashes.
  • Password - Enter the Personal Access Code (PAC)* for your American Century Investments accounts.

*View or Modify Your PAC Online:

  1. Log In with your User Name and Password.
  2. Select the My Profile link.
  3. Select the View or Change PAC link.
    ***OPTIONAL: Change your PAC***
  4. Select the Modify link to change your PAC.
  5. Enter and re-enter the new PAC, then select the Modify Button.
  6. If you need assistance with your PAC, please Contact Us.
Is historic transaction information available? How far back?

Account information is available for the previous two years starting in January.

Why does the cash balance column show a zero balance? Does this mean that my fund has a zero balance or market value?

No. The cash balance column of the investment register is typically used to track the transfer of funds between different Quicken accounts. For individuals who do not use this feature of Quicken, the cash balance will typically remain a zero balance. Please note that the cash balance is not equivalent to your fund's market value. An approximate market value for your fund is displayed at the bottom of the investment register.

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