How to Protect Yourself

Critical Precautions

We need your help to make your accounts even more secure online. Please take the following steps:

  • Sign up for enhanced authentication, available when you Register a User Name and Password for secure online account access.
  • Promptly review all statements and confirmations received from American Century Investments®, also available online.
  • Do not share your User Name or Password with anyone.
  • Regularly install the security and maintenance updates recommended by the maker of your operating system.
  • Use anti-virus and firewall software and enable the feature that automatically updates this software.

Recommended Precautions

We also recommend the following to further protect your personal information.


  • Log out completely and close your browser when you are finished with a secure online session.
  • Do not utilize your browser's "remember" user name and/or password feature.
  • Secure your wireless home network and install a hardware firewall, available at your local computer store.
  • Do not respond to fraudulent emails.
  • Pay attention to browser cues.
  • Exercise caution when downloading files to prevent malware/spyware.


  • Sign up for electronic statement delivery from American Century Investments and your other financial service providers.
  • Sign up for automatic deposit of any incoming payments, including payroll and Social Security.
  • Protect personal information on paper documents by using a cross-cut shredder to destroy any document that contains sensitive information.
  • Place any outgoing mail containing checks or personal information in a locked mailbox or take directly to the United States Post Office.
  • Only carry credit cards and checkbooks that you plan to use. Store extra cards, checkbooks and sensitive documents in a locked location in your home or office.
  • Regularly monitor your credit report. You can request your free report from the Federal Trade Commission.

Identity Theft Protection and Recovery Services

Looking for greater control of your identity protection and online security? You may want to consider purchasing optional identity theft and/or fraud prevention and recovery services. Two of several options available in the market are Identity Guard® and Zander Insurance. They both offer preferred pricing discounts for clients of American Century Investments.

  • Identity Theft Protection – Identity Guard® provides monitoring with three credit bureaus, three credit scores refreshed quarterly, and online surveillance for you and your children.
  • Identity Theft Protection and Recovery – Zander Identity Theft Solutions provides complete coverage for your whole family, including prevention, unlimited recovery services and $1 Million in expense reimbursement including stolen funds from your bank account.

These firms are not affiliated with American Century Investments and you must contact them directly to learn more about their services.

Awareness for Older Investors

As the number of older Americans grows, so does the concern for older adults targeted for financial exploitation. Elder financial exploitation involves the fraudulent or illegal actions by a caregiver, fiduciary or other individual for personal profit or gain. Or, it can result in depriving the victim of the benefits or assets they are entitled.

This abuse crosses all social, educational and economic boundaries. However, factors such as regular income, accumulated assets, trust, grief due to loss or even fear, put older adults at greater risk.

There are resources to help, including:

Additional Resources