Browser Cues

Your browser will display visual cues to let you know whether you are on a secure connection. You should not enter any personal information on an unsecured connection.

The most common browser cue is the lock image to the right of the address bar at the top of the browser window (or in the lower right corner for Firefox) to indicate a secure connection. The chart below provides details on the most common browsers' use of the image.

Browser Secure Connection Non-Secure Connection
Mozilla Firefox (version 12 or later) Secure Connection - Mozilla Firefox No Lock
Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 9 or later) Secure Connection - Microsoft Internet Explorer No Lock
Google Chrome (version 20 or later) Secure Connection - Google Chrome No Lock
Apple Safari (version 6 or later) Secure Connection - Safari No Lock

To view the encryption certificate, click on the image of the closed lock or the solid key on the bottom bar of your browser window. A small frame displaying site security information will appear.

For additional information on your browser's cues, refer to the browser's Help section.

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