Encryption Technology and SSL Certificates

The entire American Century Investments® website is secured with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.0 or higher. A secure connection means that all communications between your browser and our Web servers are encrypted, or scrambled, so that the data you exchange with our site is protected.

Encryption and Your Browser

American Century Investments secures the site with 128-bit encryption and SSL. Without SSL encryption, packets of information travel through networks in full view-anyone with access to the packets can see the data.

What is Encryption?

Encryption refers to the process of scrambling information so that it is viewable only by its intended recipient. There are different levels of encryption your browser can support; our site requires a minimum of 128-bit SSL TLS v1.0.

Upgrade Your Browser

American Century Investments currently requires that your browser support 128-bit encryption and Secure Socket Layer v3 (SSL v3) for secure online sessions.

If your browser does not support 128-bit encryption and TLS (v1.0), please visit the Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer websites to upgrade your browser to the current version.

How a Secure Connection Works

Generally, there are three steps involved to establish a secure connection between your browser and American Century Investments' servers.

  1. Browse to any page on American Century Investments' website and your browser requests a Secure Connection.
  2. An SSL secure "handshake" occurs between your browser and our site.
    • American Century Investments presents your browser with a digital certificate, which has been secured by a trusted authority such as RSA Data Security, Inc.
    • Your browser validates the digital certificate.
    • American Century Investments provides your browser with a key to encrypt and decrypt communications during your session.
  3. Encrypted communications are exchanged over the Internet through the secure connection.

If for any reason your session is no longer secure, you will be disconnected from online account access.

Additional Security Protections

Some areas of the site are subject to greater levels of security than others. American Century Investments uses encryption algorithms and other security protections in addition to SSL and 128-bit encryption whenever your personal and/or financial information is involved, such as when you:

  • Provide us with your personal and/or financial information (such as opening an account online)
  • View account information (such as account balances)
  • Make online transactions (such as automatic investments)
  • Perform account maintenance (such as changing your mailing address)

Security Certificates

An SSL Certificate is issued by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). Our site is secured by certificates issued by Symantec Corporation. While visiting americancentury.com, select the lock icon in your browser's address bar to view information about our SSL Certificate.

Every SSL Certificate is created for and issued to a specific, verified business' website domain. It identifies the site much like a driver's license. When you access our website, your browser authenticates our SSL certificate. If the information does not match or the certificate has expired, the browser displays an error message. Depending on your browser settings, a site with an invalid or expired certificate may not display at all.