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Biden Won’t Ride a Blue Wave, but Change Is Coming

Biden has pledged to work with Republicans on Capitol Hill. Failing that, he won’t be powerless to pursue his agenda.

Global Markets Shifting Along With Election Scenarios

As many predicted, we find ourselves in an unsettled situation as election officials nationwide count votes in the contentious U.S. presidential election.

Ballots, Bulls and Bears

In no uncertain terms, what really affects the stock market is uncertainty—because it causes people to doubt existing business plans.

Focus on Process, Not Politics

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one example that demonstrates the pitfalls of investing based on political outcomes.

Global Markets at a Crossroads Leading Up to U.S. Election

November’s U.S. presidential election will, inevitably, affect markets. Today we look at what a Trump or Biden victory could mean for investors. Which industries would benefit, and which industries would not?

Stocks Are the True Independents in This Election

Presidential elections often lead to volatility in the markets. But “betting” on a political outcome is difficult and potentially costly.


    Your Financial Restart After COVID

    Has COVID changed how you think about your future? Get help re-evaluating your long- and short-term financial plans.

    The Disconnect: Pandemic vs. Markets

    Despite an uncertain economy, the markets have been rallying. Find out why.

    Time for a (Portfolio) Checkup?

    Maintaining your financial health takes some planning—and regular exams. Here’s what to know to for your next portfolio review.

    Innovation in an Uncertain World

    Businesses and customers are finding new ways to interact during the global pandemic. Here’s how.

    Do’s and Don’ts (and Maybes) During Volatility

    Wondering what to do with your investments when faced with market volatility? Here’s what to consider.

    Market Volatility: Are You In or Out?

    Chasing high-flyers or cashing out are extreme reactions to market risk and volatility. Here’s why the best choice is somewhere in between.

    Global Governments Unleash Viral Response to World’s Economic Ills

    COVID-19 continues to spread, and countries are ramping up their responses to protect vulnerable economies. Will their efforts pay off?

    Panic And Perspective

    Markets may have panicked today, but we think it’s best if investors respond with poise and patience instead.

    Fed Prescribes Rate Cut for Virus-Related Economic Ills

    The Federal Reserve surprised markets with an emergency 0.50% rate cut on March 3. Our investment managers explore the move and potential market responses.

    The Correction is Here But Disruption is Transitory

    The coronavirus has affected markets, but it’s important to keep those effects in context. Get CIO Victor Zhang’s thoughts on the latest correction.

    Watch Your Downside: The Evolving Impact of Coronavirus

    Investors who previously took the coronavirus epidemic in stride are now coming to grips with concerns about its impact on global economic growth and corporate earnings.

    Weathering the Storm: Four Time-Tested Investment Strategies

    Investment markets can be unpredictable. But with planning and a long-term view, you can position your portfolio for various conditions. Here's how.

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      Family & Finances

      Life After the Pandemic

      Major shifts to working from home also impact how we spend money. See what that could mean for the economy.

      Creating a Plan for Long-Distance Caregiving

      Whether you’re living far away from elderly parents or they’re inaccessible due to social distancing, it's important to create a plan to handle day-to-day tasks and emergencies. Here are some tips to help you get started.

      What to Do When a Parent Dies: After Death Responsibilities Checklist

      Losing a loved one is hard, but sorting out their estate shouldn’t be. Here are steps you can take to contact creditors, distribute assets and more.

      How to Set Up an Emergency Fund to Prepare for the Unexpected

      Emergencies can pop up at the most unlikely of times. Planning for the unexpected helps to cushion the financial blow. Here’s how to do it.

      CARES Act: Your Questions, Answered

      Get details about the scope of the emergency relief package, with specifics about how it impacts your retirement accounts.

      When COVID-19 Affects Your Money—What Now?

      The coronavirus is not just a medical crisis. It’s also a financial one for many. Find ways to free up or get money when you need it now.

      Counting Change: How Spending and Saving Habits Are Shifting

      From current expenses to future goals, many households are managing money differently during the global pandemic and recession. Here’s how.

      New Normal, New Budget?

      We often think of budgeting as a way to save for specific goals. But committing to a budget can also provide a reassuring framework during trying times.

      Keep Emotions in Check—Automatically

      Is there an easy way to take the emotion and guesswork out of when and how much to invest during turbulent times? Here’s how.

      How Can You Stay Connected?

      Social distancing, stay-at-home orders, lockdowns—all are taking a toll. How will you stay connected to family and community in this new world?

      Family Money Talk: The Key to a Strong Financial Plan

      Families should (but don’t) share financial plans. Here’s why.

      7 Tips for Managing Your Household

      The pandemic is changing how we live and work. Get tips for managing it all.

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