Tax FAQs

Review the tax information sent with your forms (PDFs below).

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  • Distributions & Cost Basis
  • IRA

Tax Forms & Statements

When will my account statement arrive?

When will my tax forms arrive?

Why did I not receive a tax form?

How do I report the fees that are on my Form 1099-B?

What if I did not have a taxable event? Will you send me a tax form indicating zero?

What if I need my tax form corrected?

How does American Century Investments® report foreign taxes?

Am I eligible for a tax credit for my international fund?

Why doesn't my Wash Sale appear on my tax form?

I am invested in the Real Estate Fund and/or Global Real Estate Fund. When will I receive my 1099-DIV and 1099-B tax forms?

When will my IRA contributions appear on Form 5498?

I have/had a Giftrust account. What information do I need to know?

Tax-Related Information

Where can I find specific tax information?

Deposit Your Tax Refund


Did my fund pay a distribution?

What are distributions?

Why do funds pay distributions?

How are dividends and capital gains taxed?

Why are my dividends and short-term capitol gains reported in the same column?

What affect does a distribution have on the share price?

Cost Basis

How do I determine the cost basis on the shares I sold?

How do I report cost basis for my Heritage Fund account that was combined with the Vista Fund?

IRA Information

When does Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) apply to my account?

How do I view my IRA contribution summary online?

Traditional IRA and Roth Contribution Limits

SIMPLE IRA Contribution Limits

SARSEP IRA Contribution Limits

Contribution Deadlines

What are my options if I contributed too much to my IRA?

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