Trim Dining-Out Expenses; Rev Up for Retirement Instead

Rethink Your Spending Habits

Finding money to save for retirement can be tough. Cutting down on dining out can free up cash for your savings plan.


Have Your Latte and Retirement Too

Curb the Caffeine Habit for Long-Term Savings

Graph comparing the cost of a coffee shop latte vs. a homemade latte for one cup, weekly and monthly.

Feed Your Future Over Restaurant Fare

Frequent Restaurant Visits Can Be Costly

Graph comparing restaurant food vs. home cooking for one meal, weekly and monthly.

30 Years of Lattes

The difference between the coffee shop and home could help you save thousands over 30 years.


30 Years of Meals

Choosing home cooking over restaurant meals makes a big difference over 30 years.


Mix It Up: Dine In and Dine Out

You could have $391,754* more for retirement if you bought just two restaurant meals and three coffee shop lattes per week.

Save More: Dinner and Drinks at Home

You could have $409,295* for retirement if you choose home-cooked meals and home-brewed coffee every day.

Three green icons and two gray icons of a hand holding a covered plate.

The average American eats out
4.9 times per week…

Source: 2018 Dining Trends Survey, Zagat.

Pie chart with a 10 percent slice shaded green and 90 percent shaded gray.

…and spends 10% of their
disposable income on food…

Source: USDA, 2018

Icon of a gray check ripped in half.

…with the average household spending
$3,365 dining out each year.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, September 2018

The Bottom Line

You can save money by eating meals or drinking coffee at home. Need to be convinced? Track how much you're actually spending at your favorite eatery or coffee shop. Then you can begin to make changes that could potentially impact your future.

A No Regrets Retirement

How ready you are for retirement may depend on how you handle finances today.

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* All calculations assume 6% investment return for 30 years.

Source: Future Value Calculator. Financial Calculators from ©2019 KJE Computer Solutions, LLC. Hypothetical calculations are not based on a specific portfolio, assume a 6% return and reinvestment of all realized gains, dividends and interest receipts. They do not account for the effects of any added fees, expenses, or incurred taxes. If all taxes, fees and expenses were reflected, the reported investment values would be lower.

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