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Returns combines information for all holdings in the account, allowing you to keep tabs on the account as a whole.

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Year to Date* - Percentage change since the beginning of the year.

12 Month* - Percentage change over the past 12 months

Average Annual Return* - Translates your total return into an annual average over the indicated period (from the opening date of your account to the as of date).

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7-Day Current Yield - The 7-day current yield more closely reflects the current earnings of the fund than the total return.

7-Day Effective Yield - The 7-Day Effective Yield can be slightly higher than the 7-Day Current Yield because of the effects of compounding.

MTD (Month to Date) Earned Dividends - Track earned dividends for your money market fund account as they accrue daily until they are paid to the account on the last business day of the month.

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Cost basis is the purchase price of a security or share, including commissions and expenses, if applicable.

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