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Your investing goals are as unique as you are. Regardless of what you're investing for or how much experience you have, we offer numerous account types to help you reach your goals. Review the account options below and click through to get more details. When you're ready, open an account.

General Investing


Individual, Joint, & Personal Trust Accounts

You can use these types of accounts to help work towards any investment goal. Generally taxable, individual accounts have one owner and joint accounts have two or more owners. Joint accounts will be registered as joint tenants with rights of survivorship and use the first owner's name and U.S. Social Security number for IRS reporting purposes unless you advise otherwise. You must meet the minimum initial investment, typically $2,500 per fund (some may require higher minimums). Select a fund to view its minimum initial investment.


Transfer on Death (TOD) Accounts

An account that transfers ownership of shares to the designated beneficiaries upon the account owner's death. This type of account is available for individual, joint tenants with rights of survivorship and tenants by the entireties accounts. Please review the TOD rules  and discuss with your attorney to ensure this account type is consistent with your estate and tax planning. Learn more on the Individual/Joint/Trust account details page.

Retirement Accounts

Individual Retirement Accounts

Get help saving for retirement with an individual retirement account (IRA). These types of accounts provide investors meeting eligibility requirements a tax-advantaged way to invest and help work towards their retirement goals. You can choose from a:

Workplace Retirement Plans

Retirement plans offer a convenient way to save and tax benefits make it a smart choice for employees and your business. Let us help you determine which plan and investments meet your needs. Review the plans we offer to learn more.

Investing for College & Minor Accounts


College Investing Accounts

As the cost for higher education seems to climb, selecting the best way to save for it depends on your situation. Learn the different types of college savings investment accounts to find the ones that fits your needs.

piggy bank

Custodial Accounts (UTMA*)

UTMAs allow minors to invest for any purpose—including education—and take advantage of children's taxation rates. UTMA accounts allow assets to be transferred to a minor child with an adult "Custodian," who controls the assets for the benefit of the minor until they reach the age of majority in their state. By law, the transfer of the assets is irrevocable and must be used for the minor's benefit.*


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* South Carolina uses the Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) account type. Since UGMA/UTMA provisions vary by state, the custodian should consult a legal advisor regarding obligations. American Century Investments does not have knowledge of the source of contributions and assumes that the custodian is releasing control of the account in compliance with source guidelines. American Century Investments strongly recommends consulting your financial planner or tax advisor to determine what would be best for your individual financial situation.

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This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a personalized recommendation or fiduciary advice. There are different options available for your retirement plan investments. You should consider all options before making a decision. Our representatives can help you evaluate all of your distribution options.

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