American Century® STOXX® U.S. Quality Value ETF (VALQ)

Pursuing Quality No Matter Where Markets Are Headed

STOXX® is a registered trademark of STOXX Ltd.

Like many asset classes, value-style investing moves in and out of favor. VALQ's emphasis on Quality seeks to dampen this cyclicality to pursue more consistent returns across the market cycle. Learn more about the cyclicality of Value investing.

The VALQ Methodology

  • Multi-Faceted Approach
  • Why Consider VALQ?

What's the best way to measure business quality? Profitability? Indebtedness? Use of capital? We believe high-quality enterprises possess all of these attributes—and more.

We also believe it takes more than a few measures to identify companies with the right combination of characteristics.

VALQ's proprietary, multi-faceted methodology is designed to steer clear of low-priced companies that could deteriorate further.

VALQ Quality Measures

Risk/Reward Profile

Risk/Reward Profile

Investors pursuing a more attractive risk/reward profile by complementing or replacing a cap-weighted large value portfolio

Core Portfolio Component

Core Portfolio Component

Investors searching for a core portfolio component that offers exposure to U.S. large-cap stocks

Complement to Active Management

Complement to Active Management

Investors seeking a complement to a more concentrated, actively managed value portfolio

Returns for Value Have Been Cyclical

Rolling 12-Month Returns: Russell 1000® Value Index - Russell 1000® Index

Data from 1/1/1990 to 12/31/2017. Russell 1000® Value Index and Russell 1000® Index. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Source: Morningstar Direct

Value investing has experienced long periods of outperformance or underperformance versus the broad market over time.

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