Radu Gabudean, Ph.D.Radu Gabudean, Ph.D.

Vice President
Portfolio Manager

Radu Gabudean is a vice president and portfolio manager for American Century Investments®, a premier investment manager headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. He is based at the firm's Mountain View, Calif. Office.

Mr. Gabudean serves on the investment team overseeing the firm's asset allocation strategies. He also serves as a member of the American Century Investments' Asset Allocation Committee, which is responsible for establishing investment policy and reviewing investment decisions for all of our asset allocation products.

Mr. Gabudean joined American Century from Barclays Capital, where he was vice president of quantitative strategies. In this role, he designed and implemented asset allocation solutions as well as a variety of other investing strategies, both traditional and alternative. Before joining Barclays Capital, he was a quantitative portfolio modeler with Lehman Brothers.

Mr. Gabudean earned his Ph.D. in finance from the Stern School of Business at New York University and a bachelor's degree in economics from York University in Toronto, Ontario. He has published a number of papers on asset allocation and related topics such as risk premia, correlation forecasting and volatility forecasting.

Funds Managed:

Strategic Allocation: Conservative Fund 
Strategic Allocation: Moderate Fund 
Strategic Allocation: Aggressive Fund 
One Choice Portfolio: Very Aggressive 
One Choice Portfolio: Aggressive 
One Choice Portfolio: Moderate 
One Choice Portfolio: Conservative 
One Choice Portfolio: Very Conservative 
Global Allocation Fund 
One Choice 2015 Portfolio 
One Choice 2020 Portfolio 
One Choice 2025 Portfolio 
One Choice 2030 Portfolio 
One Choice 2035 Portfolio 
One Choice 2040 Portfolio 
One Choice 2045 Portfolio 
One Choice 2050 Portfolio 
One Choice 2055 Portfolio 
One Choice In Retirement Portfolio