Retirement Income: Shape Your Future

By Troy Bergeron, Nick Phillips
JUN 21 | 2021
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Moving from a steady paycheck to living off of your retirement nest egg can feel like entering the great unknown. But it doesn’t have to. A plan can help you prepare and answer important questions such as, “Will my money last?” For those five-to-10 years from retirement—or already retired—thinking about income becomes even more important. Our retirement income strategies webcast was designed for you.

Plan for Income and to Overcome Risks

Hear Financial Consultants Troy Bergeron and Nick Phillips review the important components of a retirement income plan. They share strategies to help overcome risks to your savings and for building a retirement portfolio. Plus, you’ll hear actionable steps to help create your plan.

Get Your Own Retirement Income Guide

Download our retirement income booklet as a reference for your plan. It contains the details covered in the presentation and more.

Troy and Nick have each been guiding individual investors since 2016. Their financial expertise spans an array of financial topics, including retirement planning and investing, wealth management, college savings and portfolio diversification strategies.

Troy Bergeron

Troy Bergeron

Financial Consultant

Nick Phillips

Nick Phillips

Financial Consultant

Planning for retirement income takes some time and effort, but you don’t have to do it alone.­

Our financial consultants are here to help.

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