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Consolidate Your Retirement Accounts Here

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A great added benefit of your SIMPLE IRA is the ability to consolidate retirement savings from other places in your current account. Which types you can consolidate depends on how long you’ve had the account. Another option is to consolidate other retirement accounts into a Traditional or Rollover IRA here.

Two Ways to Consolidate

Graphic showing old 401(k), IRA and Other SIMPLE IRA as options to rollover into an American Century SIMPLE IRA.
Graphic showing Old 401(k), IRA and Other SIMPLE IRA as options to rollover into an American Century Traditional or Rollover IRA.

Six Reasons to Consolidate

  1. Track progress

    toward retirement easier

  2. Manage risk

    easier as your situation changes or during market ups and downs

  3. See clearly

    where your money is invested

  4. Make better decisions

    about adding or decreasing types of investments

  5. Spot gaps

    and avoid duplicate investments

  6. Quality for fee discounts

    price breaks or other asset-based benefits

Before You Move Your Money

Be sure to ask your current providers about potential consequences, including taxes, penalties, charges or specific fees for liquidating or transferring your assets.


Transfer a SIMPLE or other IRA from another custodian to your SIMPLE IRA at American Century Investments.


Roll over your money from a 401(k), 403(b) or other employer-sponsored plan to a Rollover IRA at American Century Investments.

Let us help you decide if consolidation is right for you.

This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a personalized recommendation or fiduciary advice. There are different options available for your retirement plan investments. You should consider all options before making a decision. Our representatives can help you evaluate all of your distribution options.