Explore How You Can Build a Diversified Portfolio

Whether you choose to build a diversified portfolio with our no-load mutual funds, prefer the benefits of using a brokerage account to invest in a variety of investment types or like the convenience of having a portfolio that is managed for you, you have choices.

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Diversify Your Portfolio with More Than 80 No-Load Funds

You can create a complete, diversified portfolio with our broad lineup of no-load mutual funds. Call an Investment Consultant or browse the resources online to learn more about our funds and develop an asset allocation strategy that meets your goals, time frame and risk tolerance.

Complimentary Investment Guidance

  • Try our Investment Planner tool today. Simply answer a few questions to help determine your risk tolerance and investor profile, and we'll show you a compatible asset allocation and American Century Investments fund.

Explore Our Mutual Funds

Diversification does not assure a profit nor does it protect against loss of principal.

Add Individual Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, CDs and More to Your Investment Strategy

Experience the ease of managing your investments all in one place by consolidating PDF. Access thousands of investment types, including other mutual fund families, through our brokerage service. Read more or call a Brokerage Specialist at 1-888-345-2071 to get started.

Benefit from Brokerage Investing

  • Manage all of your investments through American Century® Brokerage with one consolidated statement.
  • Access your money with convenient cash management features like CheckWriting, Visa® Debit card and online bill pay. 

Explore Your Brokerage Investment Choices

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Have You Considered an Asset Allocation Strategy?

If you don't have the time or expertise to research and make all of your own investing decisions, you can put our professional money managers to work for you.

Choose from our two series of asset allocation portfolios to find a single investment that best matches your goals, time frame and risk tolerance:

Take Advantage of These Asset Allocation Benefits

  • Actively managed, no-load asset allocation portfolios.
  • Broad diversification with up to 14 American Century Investments funds in a single investment.
  • Regular rebalancing by our expert investment managers.
  • Only one investment to track for simplified recordkeeping.
  • No added fees or additional cost for professional money management.

Diversification does not assure a profit nor does it protect against loss of principal.