Important Investing Guidelines

You will find applications under the Open Account link and you can find the most requested forms to transact or establish services in the Form Center. You can also contact us for any applications and forms.

Before you make a transaction, keep in mind the following:

Excessive Trading
To protect your investments, we do not allow market timing - excessive, short-term trading - or other abusive trading practices in our funds. Market timing may disrupt portfolio management strategies and harm fund performance. We reserve the right to reject any purchase order, including exchanges, from any investor who we believe has a history of abusive trading and whose trading, in our judgment, may disrupt the fund.

Your Instructions Are Final
Instructions to buy or sell shares cannot be changed or canceled.

When transacting in writing, please include all required signatures exactly as they appear on your account. For example, if the owner's name is registered as John Edward Jones, he should sign that way and not John E. Jones.

Right to Change Policies
We reserve the right to change any stated investment requirement, including those related to purchases, exchanges and redemptions. We may also alter, add or discontinue any service or privilege. Changes may affect all investors or only those in certain classes or groups.

Add to an Account

Establish Investment Instructions
Set up fund allocation instructions to tell us the funds in which to invest your contributions and the percentage that should go into each. We'll keep your instructions on file and use them to automatically invest all contributions to your account.

To establish or change allocation instructions, visit our Web site or call our Automated Information Line at 1-800-345-3533, Select "2." Indicate the amount, in whole percentages, you want allocated to each fund (total must equal 100%).

Make Additional Investments
If you're a participant in a SEP- or SARSEP-, or SIMPLE-IRA, you may make traditional IRA contributions to your account whenever you choose; however, other contribution types must be made by your employer on your behalf.

If you're self-employed, you may contribute periodically to your self-employed retirement account in the following ways:

  • By mail. Complete the tear-off investment slip from your most recent statement and send it with your check or money order.
  • By electronic funds transfer from your bank or other financial institution.


Exchange between American Century Investments® funds by mailing or faxing written instructions, signed by the appropriate number of authorized individuals. If your employer has authorized participants to exchange without receiving prior plan approval, you may also request exchanges by telephone or online.

Rules that apply:

  • You must redeem at least $100 in one fund and buy $100 in another.
  • Both funds must be registered identically and meet minimum investment requirements.

Exchange Automatically


401(a), 403(b), 457(b) and Qualified Retirement Plans
Redemptions from the plan may only be made in the case of certain qualifying events.

To request a redemption from a 401(a), 403(b) or 457(b) plan, including a required minimum distribution, contact us for the appropriate distribution form. Complete the form and return it to us with your employer's approval, if required. Check with your employer or call us to find out if employer approval is required.

To request a redemption from a qualified plan, contact your plan administrator for instructions.

To request a redemption from your IRA, complete the Exchanges and Redemptions form, and mail or fax it to us. If you authorized telephone transactions for your account, you may also request a redemption by phone.

To set up an Automatic Redemption Plan from your IRA for your required minimum distribution, complete the IRA Required Minimum Distribution Request PDF.

Payment Methods

  • By Check
    Receive redemption proceeds by requesting that a check be mailed to your address of record. Other instructions require signature guarantees.
  • By Wire or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    (May not be available for some qualified retirement plans)
    To authorize redemption proceeds to be sent by automated clearing house (ACH) to your personal bank account, contact us for the appropriate form. This service is effective 7 calendar days after we receive your authorization. Your bank usually receives wired funds on the next business day after transmission; funds sent by ACH are received in 2-7 business days. Other instructions require signature guarantees.

Holding Periods
After each investment, a 7 calendar day holding period goes into effect before you may redeem those shares, unless you provide us with satisfactory proof that your investment payment has cleared.

Signature Guarantee
A signature guarantee-which is different from a notarized signature-is a warranty that the signature presented is genuine. We require a signature guarantee for the following transactions to help protect you from fraud:

  • Your redemption or distribution check is made payable to someone other than the account owners
  • Your redemption proceeds or distribution amount is sent by EFT to a destination other than your personal bank account
  • You request a redemption and you changed your address of record within the last 7 calendar days
  • You are transferring ownership of an account over $100,000
  • You elected to conduct business in writing only and you are redeeming more than $100,000

We reserve the right to require a signature guarantee for other transactions, at our discretion.

Where to get a signature guarantee
You can get a signature guarantee from a bank, trust company, credit union, broker, dealer, securities exchange or association, clearing agency or savings association. The guarantee must be issued by a participant in a Securities Transfer Association Signature Guarantee Program, must be an original ink stamp that states "Signature Guaranteed/Medallion Guaranteed," and must be signed on behalf of the guarantor by an authorized person.