Nothing Beats Online Convenience

Benefits of Registering for a User Name and Password

  • 24-hour access to your account information
  • The ability to transact on your accounts
  • A watch list of funds you want to track
  • Updates from American Century Investments® about your funds

eCommunication Service*

Receive fund reports, prospectuses, newsletters, account statements and more electronically rather than by regular mail.

*Not available for plan administrators and some plan participants.

Automated Information Line


  • Call 24 hours a day to access our voice-activated telephone system and follow your investments.

You'll be able to:

  • Track your accounts
  • Exchange dollars or shares between identically registered accounts (participants in qualified retirement plans must have employer authorization for this service)
  • Access market quotes, fund prices and market commentary

How it works:
When you call, say "main menu" to use the Automated Information Line. Then, simply say what you want to do. For example:

Option Function
Say a fund name such as "Ultra®" or a market name such as "NASDAQ" Price quotes, performance information and market readings
Say "account information" Account balances and recent transaction history
Say "transactions" Make an exchange
Say "market commentary" Listen to American Century Investments' market perspective

You'll need:

  • Your Tax Identification number (Social Security or Employer Identification number)
  • A Personal Access Code (PAC)

How to View or Change Your Personal Access Code (PAC) Online:

  1. Log In with your User Name and Password.
  2. Select the Update My Information link in the margin.
  3. Select the View or Change PAC link.
    **OPTIONAL: Continue to step 4 to modify your PAC**
  4. Select the Modify link to change your PAC.
  5. Enter and re-enter the new PAC, then select the Modify Button.
  6. If you need assistance with your PAC, please contact us.

Quarterly Statements

After each quarter, you'll receive a statement that includes your account balance and personal performance history. You'll receive separate quarterly statements for your personal, business, brokerage and employer-sponsored retirement accounts. Below are some of the terms you'll find on your statement.

Portfolio Value reflects the total value of all your accounts.

An Asset Allocation pie chart shows how your investments are diversified at American Century. Actual percentages of your investments are shown by fund type and fund name.

The Portfolio Value Graph compares the dollar value of your portfolio with your net investments at specific year-ends as well as the current statement date.

Account Returns are provided for each of your accounts.

The following Portfolio Returns are provided:

  • Year-to-date total return - since the beginning of the current year.
  • Total return over the past 12 months.
  • Average annual total return - since the beginning of your oldest open account (provided for accounts and portfolios open more than two years).

Quarterly statements are also available online to investors who register a User Name and Password on our Web site. In addition, eCommunication participants will receive email notification each quarter when their statements are available online.


American Century Investments helps you track your investments by providing more than just performance information. We'll also send you news and information about your accounts and the funds you own. The tables below highlight some information you can expect to receive from us. If you prefer not to receive mailings about fund and services opportunities, please contact us. You also have the option to get documents electronically with eCommunication (not available for retirement plan administrators and some plan participants).

Account Transactions
Communication When Description
Transaction Confirmation* After each nonautomatic purchase or exchange. Automatic transactions are reported on your quarterly account statement. Confirms your purchases and exchanges.
Service Confirmation* After each update to your account information Confirms name or address changes and fund allocation changes.

*Also available online.

Fund Performance and Investment Information
Communication When Description
Annual and Semiannual Reports 60 days after the end of the fund's fiscal year and fiscal mid-year Reports your fund's performance and financial data.
Prospectus Initial purchase into fund, annually, and if significant fund changes occur Describes the fund's objectives and investment policies and provides key financial data.
Newsletter End of each quarter Provides investment information and updates about our funds and services.
Proxy Statement
[IRA, 403(b) and 457(b) participants only]
As needed Informs you about proposals up for vote on your mutual fund.

Tax Information & IRS Forms
When Description
IRS Form 1099-R** January Reports retirement plan withdrawals made during the previous year
IRS Form 1042-S** Mid March Reports income paid and taxes withheld for non-resident aliens
IRS Form 5498** Late May Reports contributions, including rollover contributions, to your IRA for the previous calendar year

**The transactions you complete during the previous year will determine which IRS tax forms you receive. You may not receive all the communications listed above.