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Asset Allocation
Fund Name
Balanced Fund 
Global Allocation Fund 
One Choice 2015 Portfolio 
One Choice 2020 Portfolio 
One Choice 2025 Portfolio 
One Choice 2030 Portfolio 
One Choice 2035 Portfolio 
One Choice 2040 Portfolio 
One Choice 2045 Portfolio 
One Choice 2050 Portfolio 
One Choice 2055 Portfolio 
One Choice In Retirement Portfolio 
One Choice Portfolio: Aggressive 
One Choice Portfolio: Conservative 
One Choice Portfolio: Moderate 
One Choice Portfolio: Very Aggressive 
One Choice Portfolio: Very Conservative 
Strategic Allocation: Aggressive Fund 
Strategic Allocation: Conservative Fund 
Strategic Allocation: Moderate Fund 
Strategic Inflation Opportunities Fund 

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Fund Name
California High-Yield Municipal Fund 
California Intermediate-Term Tax-Free Bond Fund 
California Long-Term Tax-Free Fund 
Core Plus Fund 
Diversified Bond Fund 
Ginnie Mae Fund 
Global Bond Fund 
Government Bond Fund 
High-Yield Fund 
High-Yield Municipal Fund 
Inflation-Adjusted Bond Fund 
Intermediate-Term Tax-Free Bond Fund 
International Bond Fund 
Long-Term Tax-Free Fund 
Short Duration Fund 
Short Duration Inflation Protection Bond Fund 
Short-Term Government Fund 
Zero Coupon 2015 Fund [x]
Zero Coupon 2020 Fund 
Zero Coupon 2025 Fund 

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Money Market
Fund Name
California Tax-Free Money Market Fund 
Capital Preservation Fund 
Premium Money Market Fund 
Prime Money Market Fund 
Tax-Free Money Market Fund 

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Fund Name
All Cap Growth Fund 
Capital Value Fund 
Core Equity Plus Fund 
Disciplined Growth Fund 
Disciplined Growth Plus Fund 
Emerging Markets Fund 
Emerging Markets Value Fund 
Equity Growth Fund 
Equity Income Fund 
Equity Market Neutral Fund 
Focused Growth Fund 
Fundamental Equity Fund 
Global Gold Fund 
Global Growth Fund 
Global Real Estate Fund 
Growth Fund 
Heritage Fund 
Income & Growth Fund 
International Core Equity Fund 
International Discovery Fund 
International Growth Fund 
International Opportunities Fund 
International Value Fund 
Large Company Value Fund 
Legacy Focused Large Cap Fund 
Legacy Large Cap Fund 
Legacy Multi Cap Fund 
Market Neutral Value Fund 
Mid Cap Value Fund 
New Opportunities Fund 
Real Estate Fund 
Select Fund 
Small Cap Growth Fund 
Small Cap Value Fund [x]
Small Company Fund 
Ultra Fund 
Utilities Fund 
Value Fund 
Veedot Fund 

Money Market Fund: An investment in the fund is neither insured nor guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Although the fund seeks to preserve the value of your investment at $1 per share, it is possible to lose money by investing in the fund.