What You Need to Know

Mailing address and phone number updates are not available online for the following:
  • American Century® Brokerage accounts
  • Shareholders with a non-U.S. mailing address
  • Shareholders with more than one address of record for their Tax Identification number (Social Security or Employer Identification number)
  • Contact us to change the mailing address and phone number for these accounts

Online mailing address changes are available online, call for phone number updates:
  • Business accounts (contact us to update the phone number for business accounts)

Which accounts are eligible for online address and phone number changes?
  • Personal mutual fund accounts, including IRAs, custodial accounts, and trust accounts.
  • Workplace Retirement Plan Accounts, such as 403(b), 457(b), SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA and SARSEP.
  • Note: If you have eligible and ineligible accounts, you can only change the address and phone number for the eligible accounts online. Contact us to change the address and phone number for the ineligible accounts.

Temporary Holds
  • An address change results in a 7 calendar day hold, during which time online1 redemptions by check are not allowed.
  • A redemption by check request results in a 7 calendar day hold, during which time online1 address changes are not allowed.

1May be available during the holding period by calling one of our Investment Consultants.

Steps to Update Your Mailing Address and Phone Number*

  1. Log In with your User Name and Password.
  2. Select Update My Information in the margin.
  3. Select Update Mailing Address & Phone Number.
  4. Make the appropriate changes, then select the Submit button.

*Not available for all accounts. For details, refer to the "What You Need to Know" section above.