Brian HowellBrian Howell

Vice President
Senior Portfolio Manager

Brian Howell is a vice president and senior portfolio manager for American Century Investments®, a premier investment manager headquartered in Kansas City, Mo. He works in the company's Mountain View, Calif. office.

Mr. Howell began his career in the financial industry when he joined American Century Investments in 1987 as a research analyst.

He holds a bachelor of arts degree in statistics and a master of business administration degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

Funds Managed:

Short-Term Government Fund 
Balanced Fund 
Short Duration Inflation Protection Bond Fund 
Diversified Bond Fund 
Strategic Inflation Opportunities Fund 
Government Bond Fund 
Core Plus Fund 
Zero Coupon 2015 Fund [x]
Zero Coupon 2020 Fund 
Zero Coupon 2025 Fund 
Inflation-Adjusted Bond Fund 

[x] This fund is closed to new investors.