Asset Allocation Portfolios

One Choice Portfolios® are signature target-date and target-risk asset allocation fund-of-funds from American Century Investments. Created to help investors take a more active role in planning their financial futures, these professionally managed, automatically diversified investment solutions in a single portfolio are a smart choice for long-term financial goals.

One ChoiceSM Target Risk Portfolios
from American Century Investments®

Our five static target-risk funds offer you instant diversification. These portfolios are built using up to 15 underlying mutual funds to help balance risk and return. Each target-risk fund seeks the highest total return consistent with its asset mix. Choose your investment based upon your risk tolerance.

Key Benefits
  • Instant, broad diversification
  • Professionally and actively managed
  • Adjusted regularly to maintain target risk level
  • No-load means less fees and more money toward your investment

Explore One ChoiceSM Target Risk Portfolio options.

Move the slider to see how our target-risk funds change based on risk tolerance.

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  • Very Conservative
  • Conservative
  • Moderate
  • Aggressive
  • Very Aggressive


Scott Wittman CFA, CAIA

Chief Investment Officer
Asset Allocation & Disciplined Equity

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