KANSAS CITY, Mo., July 31, 2013 - American Century Investments today announced it has completed the addition of a new retirement plan share class to many of its most popular mutual funds, as well as 10 new target date funds. A total of 41 fund strategies now have the "R6" share class, the lowest total expense ratio of any share class offered by the firm.

The move was specifically designed to underscore American Century Investments' commitment to clients and prospects in the defined contribution plan marketplace, according to Chief Client Officer - Americas Peter Cieszko.

"We want to offer our clients multiple pricing options as they determine the best way to pay for investment management and recordkeeping services associated with employer-sponsored retirement plans," Cieszko said. "It's part of our overall goal to provide advisors and plan sponsors with more flexibility and tools to facilitate better plan design and execution."

Rick Luchinsky, senior vice president and head of the firm's defined contribution investment-only (DCIO) business said American Century Investments also believes the creation of a new low-cost share class gives plan sponsors the ability to simplify communication to plan participants. "It allows defined contribution plan providers to more easily distinguish fees for investment management services from recordkeeping and other plan-level administrative services."

The R6 class shares are generally available only through employer-sponsored retirement plans where a financial intermediary provides retirement recordkeeping services to plan participants.

The new R6 shares have been added to many of American Century Investments most popular funds, as well as the new target date funds.

American Century Investments - R6 Shares

International Equity/Global U.S. Equity Asset Allocation Target Date
Taxable Bond
Emerging Markets Fund Equity Income Fund Strategic Allocation: Conservative Fund One ChoiceSM In Retirement Portfolio R6 Diversified Bond Fund
Global Growth Fund Growth Fund Strategic Allocation: Moderate Fund One ChoiceSM 2015 Portfolio R6 Global Bond Fund
Global Real Estate Fund Heritage Fund Strategic Allocation: Aggressive Fund One ChoiceSM 2020 Portfolio R6 High-Yield Fund
International Growth Fund Large Company Value Fund One ChoiceSM 2025 Portfolio R6 International Bond Fund
NT Emerging Markets Fund1 Mid Cap Value Fund One ChoiceSM 2030 Portfolio R6 NT Diversified Bond Fund1
NT International Growth Fund1 NT Growth Fund1 One ChoiceSM 2035 Portfolio R6 Short Duration Inflation Protection Bond Fund
NT Large Company Value Fund1 One ChoiceSM 2040 Portfolio R6
NT Mid Cap Value Fund1 One ChoiceSM 2045 Portfolio R6
NT VistaSM Fund1 One ChoiceSM 2050 Portfolio R6
Real Estate Fund One ChoiceSM 2055 Portfolio R6
Select Fund
Small Cap Growth Fund
Small Cap Value Fund
Value Fund

1 NT stands for "No Tobacco." Not for public sale - used exclusively as underlying fund options for American Century Investments' funds of funds.

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