Retirement today is not what it used to be. People are living longer and experiencing healthier, more active lives. While that's great news, it also poses challenges for how you will manage the retirement savings you've worked hard to accumulate.

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It's important to know the key risks you will likely face and how to incorporate protection strategies in your plan.

Outliving Your Money

Plan to Live Longer Than You Think: Probability of Today's 65-Year-Old Living to Various Ages

Losing Purchasing Power

The dollar losing value over time, known as inflation risk, can have a devastating impact on your retirement security. Adding inflation hedges to your portfolio, maintaining enough stock investments and maximizing Social Security payments (which are adjusted for inflation) can help. Read more about inflation.

Declining Market

Market declines, especially early in retirement, can undermine your portfolio. You can balance market highs and lows by having a mix of investment types, and maintain lower-risk investments to cover your first three to five years of retirement.


Spending in retirement refers to the withdrawal rate you choose from your savings. Taking too much can deplete your savings too fast. Additionally, withdrawals intensify the impact of market declines because they represent funds that can no longer grow when the market does rebound.

There are numerous philosophies in the marketplace for building a retirement portfolio for income. Three are listed here as thought-starters. Ultimately, your strategy depends on your individual needs, and our Investment Consultants can help you turn these ideas into an action plan.

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Total Return, Buckets/Time Segmentation, Income Floor

Diversification cannot protect against loss in a down market.

There are many ways to invest for retirement and to plan for retirement income. We have fund solutions that can help you meet for your specific goals.

Looking for a Streamlined Investment Option?

Our two series of asset allocation portfolios-risk-based and time-based-offer broad diversification and professional money management in a single investment. Both options could be a smart choice for retirement planning.

Time-based portfolios automatically become more conservative as you near retirement. Or, if you want a consistent level of risk that you can adjust on your own schedule by moving to a different portfolio, risk-based portfolios may be right for you.

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Want More Customization?

Many investors choose to build their investment portfolio by selecting individual stock, bond and money market funds. Our Investment Consultants offer free guidance if you're ready to create a portfolio tailored to your specific needs.

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Your goal is to build a portfolio that gives you the best chance of retirement success while minimizing risk. We can help you determine which income strategy and fund solution might be right for you.

Start Planning Now

Preparing your portfolio for retirement takes careful planning. We believe having a plan gives you a better chance at success and an opportunity to shape your own retirement reality. Remember:

  • No one solution will work for everyone.
  • Your plan will need to be reviewed at least annually.

To get started, schedule a free consultation with an Investment Consultant.