Critical Precautions

We need your help to make your accounts even more secure online. Please take the following steps:

  • Sign up for enhanced authentication, available when you Register a User Name and Password for secure online account access.
  • Promptly review all statements and confirmations received from American Century Investments, also available online.
  • Do not share your User Name or Password with anyone.
  • Regularly install the security and maintenance updates recommended by the maker of your operating system.
  • Use anti-virus and firewall software and enable the feature that automatically updates this software.

Recommended Precautions

We also recommend the following to further protect your personal information.


  • Log out completely and close your browser when you are finished with a secure online session.
  • Do not utilize your browser's "remember" user name and/or password feature.
  • Secure your wireless home network and install a hardware firewall, available at your local computer store.
  • Do not respond to fraudulent emails.
  • Pay attention to browser cues.
  • Exercise caution when downloading files to prevent malware/spyware.


  • Sign up for electronic statement delivery from American Century Investments and your other financial service providers.
  • Sign up for automatic deposit of any incoming payments, including payroll and Social Security.
  • Protect personal information on paper documents by using a cross-cut shredder to destroy any document that contains sensitive information.
  • Place any outgoing mail containing checks or personal information in a locked mailbox or take directly to the United States Post Office.
  • Only carry credit cards and checkbooks that you plan to use. Store extra cards, checkbooks and sensitive documents in a locked location in your home or office.
  • Regularly monitor your credit report.

Additional Resources