American Century Investments

Be Part of (Our) History

Seeing Our Story Vs. Experiencing It

Once upon a time there was a 90’s era story gallery tucked away in the far corner of the American Century Investments headquarters’ lobby. It was filled with static quotes and artifacts from glorious years gone by. Think museum. But after three decades, the format no longer reflected American Century’s innovative evolution. We needed to change that.

Opportunity Knocks at Our Front Door

In 2023, we undertook a major renovation to the first floor of our building, transforming it from a place where visitors check in to a destination for guests, employees and clients. It is now a living room, a café, a meeting space and an art display. It also gave us a chance to reimagine how to tell our amazing company story.

Bringing Our Story to Life

With the former story gallery as our guide, we carefully collected the most interesting pieces of our history and wove it into every piece of the reinvented lobby’s architectural design. The lobby is now an app-driven storyteller that brings to life 25 inspiring touchpoints about our firm using animations, motion graphics and full augmented reality. Visitors don’t just view our story, they experience it!

The Results

1 of 4 Finalists for Coolest Office Spaces

We ranked in the top four of the Kansas City Business Journal’s competition for awesome workspaces in the Kansas City metro area.

Media Coverage Boosts Our Story

Local and national media coverage about our immersive story gives the bonus of showcasing how we support life-changing medical research to more people.

Partnership Adds Extra Publicity

Our augmented reality partner, Dimensional Innovations gives our story and unique ownership structure extra coverage as it promotes the technology and components of the interactive design.

The Boss Is Happy

“As we celebrate our 65th anniversary, our new storytelling experience reflects our thriving culture, rooted in kindness, collaboration and a higher purpose.”

- Jonathan Thomas, President and CEO

Media Outlets Covering the Story Experience