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Showcasing Our Award-Winning Marketing Campaigns

About the Awards

MarCom Awards is an international creative competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals. Please see below for entries, descriptions and team recognition!

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Platinum Winning Entry

Snow Globe Of Hope

Our 2022 holiday greeting was a digital experience that lifted spirits at the end of a tough year by highlighting progress made in key areas like health and the environment. Recipients picked one of five hopes for the future and then shook their phone or mouse. While snow filled up the screen like a snow globe, a positive statistic related to their chosen hope appeared. Once the snow fell, a utopian winter scene related to their hope was revealed, coupled with a related holiday message (e.g., “Wishing you a renewed 2023” for “reverse climate change.”)

Recognition: COFFEE Labs, Pilgrim Creative, Pamela Murphy, Kelly Chesley (former)

Gold Winning Entries

Golf Is Hard

This video promoted 2023’s ACC Fantasy Golf competition. Any golfer knows how frustrating golf can be, no matter how experienced you are. But Fantasy Golf? Simple. This lighthearted concept juxtaposed the difficulty of the sport with the ease of the fantasy competition.

Recognition: Rachel Stura, Tony Foster, Sophia Nelson, Tony Frerking

Mr. Pickles

This video promoted 2023’s ACC Fantasy Golf competition. While many celebrities who play in the tournament are great golfers, they aren't professional and can be unpredictable. This makes it challenging to pick a slam-dunk Fantasy team. This concept urges you to follow whatever strategy you wish to choose your players. Hint: Your cat may be better at it than you.

Recognition: Rachel Stura, Tony Foster, Sophia Nelson, Tony Frerking

American in Name Only

These brand ads support our Global Institutional business and were created to run in financial publications and in sponsored event collateral outside of the U.S. They creatively play off the confusion between our name (American) and our reach (global), using what some might consider a handicap instead to our advantage.

Recognition: Jackie Malone, Tony Foster

Print Ad for American in Name Only campaign.

Your Life For Real

This social media campaign was part of a larger effort to fill at least 20 Investment Representative positions in a few short weeks. As our most likely candidates were recent college graduates, the team drafted off the popular social app BeReal. Job seekers got a sneak peek at a day in the life of a real American Century Investment Rep, which looked refreshingly different than what they likely expected. The campaign garnered strong interest, helping fill all positions on schedule!

Recognition: Pamela Murphy, Tony Foster, Sophia Nelson, Tony Frerking, Tim Scherer, Morgane Freeman

Honorable Mentions

Straight Talk

With an aptly named series, our very own Rich Weiss gives it to his listeners straight every Monday: what happened last week, and what we should pay attention to in the week ahead. All delivered in a way you'd never expect from an investment firm. Scheduled to launch in January, these new promotional ads are intended to match Rich’s tone and spirit and make tuning in to Straight Talk irresistible.

Recognition: 19 Below, Jackie Malone, Sophia Nelson, Tony Foster, Pamela Murphy, Rachel Stura

We’ve Got Your Back

This print ad appeared in the 2023 ACC pairings guide. It makes a simple connection between the way a caddy works with a golfer and the way American Century works with its clients: there for support every step of the way.

Recognition: Jackie Malone, Debbie Ashmore

We've Got Your Back campaign print ad.
One Bad Swing campaign image.

One Bad Swing

This print ad appeared in the 2023 ACC pairings guide. It makes a humorous connection between the frustrations of golf and the frustrations of investing. While bad swings are unwelcome in both cases, they don’t have to be catastrophic, as long as you think long term.

Recognition: Pamela Murphy, Sophia Nelson