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Disciplined Equity Team

Systematically Focused on Fundamentals

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Our Disciplined Equity team manages multiple strategies. They pursue attractive returns by employing a consistent process that they repeat across market regimes.

The team’s fundamentally driven stock selection models assess company quality, valuation, and growth characteristics, while qualitative reviews capture additional manager insights.

We believe this multi-model framework allows us to deliver client-focused solutions that more effectively capture attractive opportunities.

Investment Professionals
AUM as of 12/31/2023
20 Years
Average Industry Experience
Discipline Inception

Consistent Process — Fueled by Fundamental Insights

We seek to capture fundamental drivers of long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Multi-Strategy Implementation

Stock selection models aim to provide optimized strategies in various market segments and regimes.

Client Focused, Custom Solutions

We partner with clients to leverage our platform to help them achieve their investment goals.

Disciplined Equity Strategies

U.S. Disciplined Large Cap Core Equity

Seeks long-term capital growth by investing in businesses with strong profitability and sustainable earnings.

U.S. Disciplined Core Value

Seeks long-term capital growth and income by investing in large-cap stocks with attractive valuations and sustainable dividends.

U.S. Disciplined Large Cap Growth

Pursues enhanced returns across the market cycle by investing in companies with a track record of attractive growth along with strong quality characteristics, as measured by profitability, earnings and use of leverage.

Non-U.S. Disciplined Large Cap Value

Pursues enhanced returns across the market cycle through exposure to stocks with strong fundamentals selling at attractive valuations.

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