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Global Fixed Income Team

Pursuing Conviction-Driven Outperformance

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Clients worldwide look to us to pursue results with our consistent active, bottom-up approach emphasizing proprietary research.

Our global fixed income team seeks to generate excess returns over a complete market cycle by realizing the upside of strong markets and minimizing drawdowns in declining markets.

We believe this long-term focus gives us the patience to filter out short-term noise and steer through uncertainty to remain focused on our clients’ objectives.

Investment Professionals
AUM as of 12/31/2023
20+ Years
Average Industry Experience as of 12/31/2023
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Global Fixed Income Strategies

Single Sector

U.S. Intermediate Government

An income-focused portfolio that invests in a range of government bond sectors, including Treasuries, government agencies, and mortgages.

U.S. Short Duration Inflation Protection Bond

An actively managed low-duration, multisector portfolio designed to combat the effects of inflation and rising interest rates.

U.S. Inflation-Adjusted Bond

An actively managed, multisector portfolio designed to combat the effects of inflation.

U.S. Diversified Corporate

Seeks total investment return through a combination of current income and capital appreciation.

Emerging Markets Debt Total Return

A flexible bond portfolio that seeks out the most attractive opportunities across emerging markets, regardless of benchmark allocations.

Multi Sector

U.S. Short Duration

Invests primarily in short-term investment-grade securities in pursuit of current income with limited volatility, particularly when interest rates rise.

U.S. Core Fixed Income

Invests in a broadly diversified, high-quality, intermediate-duration portfolio in pursuit of risk-managed total return.

U.S. Core Plus Fixed Income

Emphasizes investment-grade securities, complemented by high-yield, emerging markets, and non-dollar issues in pursuit of enhanced yield.

Global Fixed Income

Total return-focused strategy that invests in the full range of global fixed income securities and currencies in a currency-hedged portfolio.

Non-U.S. Aggregate

Focuses on high-quality, non-dollar-denominated government and corporate debt securities outside the United States to pursue total return.

Multi-Sector Credit Income

Pursues enhanced risk-adjusted total return through active sector management and fundamentally driven security selection.

Global Unconstrained Fixed Income

Total return-oriented, flexibly managed global portfolio seeking diversified sources of return by investing across fixed income sectors, countries, and currencies.

In addition to the strategies listed, our capabilities also include:

  • Securitized portfolios, which invest primarily in Commercial and Non-Agency Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities, and Asset-Backed Securities.

  • Currency portfolios, which seek total return through a combination of quantitative inputs and experience-based research.

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