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Sustainable Investing

Don’t Overlook the Investment Potential of the Green Transition


The sustainable investment universe is currently dominated by traditional best-in-class approaches. These strategies buy stocks with the best sustainability attributes and exclude companies on the path to improvement—overlooking compelling opportunities.

By incorporating best-in-progress approaches, sustainable investors may:

  • Reduce periods of underperformance in public equity allocations due to a size, sector or style bias.

  • Enhance alpha potential by participating in the financial benefits created by companies making a green transition.

  • Drive greater tangible progress toward a greener future by investing in more companies committed to improving sustainability.

Our investment professionals recently shared research that shows how a best-in-progress investment approach can allow investors to diversify their portfolios and realize value from underappreciated companies embracing opportunities in sustainability.

Sustainable Value: Best-in-Progress Paves the Way Forward

Featured Speakers:

Moderated by Ben Day, Vice President, EMEA Sales

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