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Emerging Markets Sustainable Impact

2021 Impact Report
By Patricia Ribeiro,Sherwin Soo, CFA,Sarah Bratton Hughes
AUG 29 | 2022
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Many emerging markets face large discrepancies in standard of living—including education, health care, and employment—relative to developed markets. Our goal is to identify attractive impact investment opportunities in emerging markets aligned with the U.N. SDGs.
Patricia Ribeiro, Senior Portfolio Manager

At American Century, we see no conflict between having an impact and generating attractive investment returns. We have observed that companies committed to sustainable business practices are often better at responding to risks and new opportunities, more efficient and foster greater loyalty among stakeholders.

The Emerging Markets Sustainable Impact Report highlights the impact theses of several companies we believe illustrate this process and demonstrates how they contribute to five main impact themes:

Health Care

Allowing individuals to live a satisfying, productive life


Providing access to human rights, fair and safe labor, education and financial security

Sustainable Living

Shaping the future of living in harmony with the environment


Protecting and supporting the environment

Digital Infrastructure

Harnessing technological innovation to improve quality of life

We believe ESG investing is crucial to achieving the fundamental changes embodied in the U.N. SDGs, changes that are needed for a healthier, more equitable and sustainable future. This portfolio offers the opportunity to support efforts to achieve these goals by investing in firms we believe can generate a financial return and drive positive change.

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Patricia Ribeiro
Patricia Ribeiro

Senior Portfolio Manager

Senior Vice President

Sherwin Soo, CFA
Sherwin Soo, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Vice President

Sarah Bratton Hughes

Sarah Bratton Hughes

Head of ESG and Sustainable Investing

Emerging Markets Sustainable Impact

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