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Health Care Impact Equity

2021 Impact Report
By Michael Li, Ph.D.,Henry He, CFA,Sarah Bratton Hughes
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Innovative health care companies that target unmet medical needs occupy a special place in the impact investing field.
Michael Li, PhD, Senior Portfolio Manager

Letter to Shareholders

We are pleased to provide this Impact Report that describes how your investment capital supports efforts to improve health care outcomes for the world. Investing for positive impact as a way of aligning financial and societal objectives is gaining momentum, and for American Century Investments, having an impact in the health care arena is in our DNA.

The vaccines and medications the health care industry helped to create have lessened the threat posed by COVID-19 in many countries; still, much of the world lacks sufficient access to these game-changing treatments. This virus has proven time and again that we are truly interconnected, a reminder that to keep functioning, the world economy needs healthy workers.

A growing number of investors see that sustainability is part of maximizing profits: If inadequate health care means workers cannot work, businesses cannot thrive. Investing in health care provides an opportunity to embrace this perspective and contribute to positive change.

This report shows how we invest to achieve competitive financial returns while supporting U.N. SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. The health care sector’s ability to develop COVID-19 treatments and vaccines in record time is a stand-out example of how innovative companies can have a positive impact on society, and there are many others.

Thank you for partnering with us in this important undertaking.

Health Care Impact Themes

Our goal is to invest in companies that not only generate a financial return but also fuel societal change by contributing to one or more of our health care impact themes.

New or Innovative Treatments for Diseases Including Cancer

Access to Medicines and Health Care Services

New Solutions for Lowering Health Care Costs

Enhancing the Productivity of Medical Equipment, Services and Software

Michael Li, Ph.D.
Michael Li, Ph.D.

Vice President

Senior Portfolio Manager

Henry He, CFA
Henry He, CFA

Vice President

Portfolio Manager

Sarah Bratton Hughes

Sarah Bratton Hughes

Head of Sustainable Investing

Health Care Impact Equity

Download the full report or learn more about our Health Care Impact strategy.

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