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Co-workers laughing during after-meeting discussion.

Our Culture

Purpose and principles guide who we are and what we do.

Bringing New Meaning to Healthy Returns

More than two decades ago, our founder had an audacious idea: Use profits from his investment firm to end diseases that touch everyone, like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Every year 40% of our profits go to the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

Here’s why: Following their personal experiences with cancer, our founder Jim Stowers Jr. and his wife Virginia established and bestowed much of their wealth to the Stowers Institute. This model of giving back serves as a great source of pride and inspiration for every employee. It encourages us to hold ourselves to a higher standard for clients—and for our world.

Working for American Century Investments isn’t just a job; you can help create a healthier society for everyone.


Employees at 11 office locations around the globe, including remote offices.

Nearly $2 Billion

Total dividends distributed since 2000 to the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

American Century employees enjoying a food truck lunch on campus.
"Knowing a significant percentage of our profits go directly to a world-class, bio-medical research institute only adds more positive incentive for everyone to go the extra mile."

Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith

CPM Associates


We Are Each Other’s Greatest Asset

At American Century Investments, we grow ourselves and our business by challenging and inspiring one another. Each one of us has the responsibility to focus on our clients, to be adaptable and accountable and to drive meaningful and competitive results—together.

These Winning Behaviors are the foundation of our culture and the key characteristics we look for when hiring, developing talent and assessing performance.

Client Focused

• Inspires the trust and confidence of those we serve

• Helps our clients become successful, putting their needs and interests first

• Ensures client outcomes drive team and individual actions

• Applies expertise, creativity and proactivity to help clients win

Courageous and Accountable

• Adheres to the highest ethical standards and business practices, and supports a culture of compliance

• Constructively challenges the status quo and raises ideas, even if they are controversial

• Makes tough decisions, sometimes with limited information

• Takes ownership for outcomes and acts in the best interests of the firm


• Values diversity and inclusion, and proactively seeks input and ideas different from my own

• Inspires people to think beyond their area of expertise and strive to make us better

• Treats everyone with kindness and professional courtesy, addressing issues directly and respectfully

• Values teamwork, mutual support and helping others be successful

Curious and Adaptable

• Constantly learns about our business, the industry and the world—adapts quickly

• Anticipates emerging trends and client needs, and acts proactively

• Embodies change leadership

• Continually evaluates and makes improvements in how we do business

Competitively Driven

• Passionate about our industry and clients

• Attracts and develops talented people—those with drive, integrity and sincerity

• Understands that we win our way—with our values and as a team, executing smarter and faster than the competition

• Seeks opportunities to create competitive capabilities through innovation

Celebrating Employees

Beyond Awards: A Standard of Excellence

Each year, we gather to celebrate the individuals and teams chosen for their significant impact on our clients and their contributions to our organization. This extraordinary recognition event brings us all together to honor the nominees and award recipients.

We know that great things happen all the time, so we also make it easy to applaud the efforts of our teammates throughout the year.

American Century employees at recognition banquet.
American Century employees gathering for a special event.

Nothing Succeeds Like a Team

Transparency and collaboration are vital to how we work as a team—from leadership to all areas of the firm. That’s why we regularly host company-wide meetings where our CEO, Jonathan Thomas, and other leaders and experts communicate updates, announcements and initiatives.

Another compelling way that we cultivate our culture is with our employee-led Business Resource Groups. These teams work tirelessly to provide learning and development opportunities, highlighting the unique strengths that elevate powerful, authentic representation in the workplace.

Coming together allows every employee to move forward and make a positive impact.

"We have a unique culture here. We have struck a balance of being collegial and competitive, and it’s helped us as a firm get better."

Mike Galkoski
Mike Galkoski

VP & Manager

Territory Sales

Living Our Values

We seek a higher rate of return. Not just in dollars, but in lives improved, dreams reached and a world made better.

When Jim and Virginia Stowers founded the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, they set the ultimate example of how financial success can be a force for good. Our values include a fierce commitment to helping others, and our employees rise to the challenge to give back in meaningful ways.

Through our VIP (Volunteer with Impact and Purpose) employee volunteer programs, we support charitable organizations in our communities. Additionally, our Dollars for Donors matching-gifts program supports employees’ contribution of time and money to their favorite 501(c)(3) organizations with generous donations from the American Century Investments Foundation.

American Century employees doing volunteer work.

Explore Your Opportunities

Find the career that’s right for you.


Please know that American Century Investments does not conduct interviews by email or instant messaging. We use instant messaging and email only to correspond with candidates and arrange for interviews by phone or video conference. In addition, we never ask candidates for payment to participate in our recruiting process or require new hires to purchase any office equipment as a condition of accepting employment with our firm. If you have specific questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Diversity Has No Limits
What makes you different is what makes us different. At American Century Investments®, we recognize the value of diversity. We believe diversity is what makes us strong and what makes us complete as a workforce. As a company, we accept each person for who they are and the unique talent and strength they bring. It's one of the primary keys to successfully meet the demands of an ever-changing world.

EOE Policy Statement
American Century Investments believes all individuals are entitled to equal employment opportunity and advancement opportunities without regard to race, religious creed, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age for individuals forty years of age and older, military and veteran status, sexual orientation, and any other basis protected by applicable federal, state and local laws. American Century Investments does not discriminate or adopt any policy that discriminates against an individual or any group of individuals on any of these bases.