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QDIA Selection & Evaluation

Resources to help select and evaluate this critical plan choice

One of the most important decisions a qualified plan fiduciary will make is selecting the plan's Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA). Once selected, the QDIA should be reviewed periodically for suitability as well as any time the plan undergoes a significant change or the participant base changes dramatically. Use our resources to help select and evaluate this critical plan choice.

Resources for You

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Narrow Your Focus With Target-Date Blueprint

How do you evaluate and choose a QDIA from the universe of options? Our online analytical tool helps narrow the selection to only those that fit a plan’s profile. It’s also designed to follow guidelines set by the Department of Labor for QDIA selection.

Support for Your Retirement Practice

From understanding fiduciary responsibilities to finding the right QDIA based on a plan’s unique profile, we’re here to help. Choose your next topic.

Portfolio Manager Engagement

Direct engagement with the QDIA provider’s portfolio management team on a periodic basis is a consistent best practice. With large majorities of flows to plans’ QDIAs, fiduciaries should hear directly from portfolio managers on performance, glide path in the case of target-date investments, risk management and asset allocation. Through due diligence sessions, committee meetings and/or strategy conference calls, plan sponsors should expect stronger presence from their QDIA manager.


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