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Fiduciary Responsibility Resources

Help retirement clients thrive in their fiduciary roles

You and your qualified retirement plan clients carry a big responsibility. Together you must make prudent plan decisions following strict fiduciary guidelines. From helping you keep clients informed to tools that make evaluating and choosing a qualified default investment alternative (QDIA) easier, find it here.

Steps to Take with Clients

1. Clarify Fiduciary Responsibility

Providing an overview for your clients about fiduciary responsibilities is a great place to start or review.

2. Understand the QDIA Selection Process

The selection and monitoring process for qualified default investment alternatives are just as important as the investment choice.

3. Select a QDIA That Fits with Target-Date Blueprint

Part of the battle is following a process that implements Department of Labor (DOL) guidance. Our online analytical tool was designed for exactly that.

Shareable Resources

Solidify fiduciary duties and QDIA selection process with these client-approved resources to download and share.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Help clients gain learnings from American Century’s own plan litigation experiences.

Help clients organize their fiduciary tasks.

Get more details about the court case and the defense of our investment selection process.

QDIA Selection

Review the critical five steps in choosing a plan’s default investment.

Review to make sure your clients are following these tips.

Target-Date Selection Resources


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