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Establish an Account

How do I establish an account?

How do I transfer or roll over assets to American Century Investments®?

Account Information and Documentation 

How do I view my account history online?

How do I view statements, confirmations and tax forms?

What is cost basis?

Where can I find cost basis information?

Where can I find my account number?

Online Access

How do I register for online access?

How do I change my password and user name?

What do I do if I forget my log in information?

How do I link my account with someone else's account?

What is your online security and privacy policy?

How do I download to Quicken, TurboTax or other financial aggregators?

Where do I find my personal access code?

Mobile App

How do I download the Mobile App?

What devices work with the app?

Which accounts can I track on the app?

Who I contact for help about the app?

How do I access my accounts on the app?

Account Maintenance

How do I add or update my bank information?

How do I add or update my beneficiaries?

How do I update my mailing address and phone number?

How do I update my email address?

How do I update my name?

How do I add or remove an account owner?

How do I go paperless?

Where do I locate account maintenance forms?

How do I designate a Trusted Contact?

Account Transactions

How do I make an investment?

How do I move money between funds?

How do I withdraw money from my account?

How do I add or update automatic transactions?


Why do I have to fill out a new application when I already have mutual fund accounts with American Century Investments®?

How do I send a bank wire to American Century® Brokerage?

How do I transfer my account from an outside financial institution to American Century Brokerage?

What are your commissions, margin rates and account fees?

Can I own non-American Century Investments' mutual funds in my brokerage account?

Where can I find a complete list of funds offered through American Century Brokerage?

How can I get research and information about stocks or mutual funds?

Can I buy a stock and then send you a check in the mail?

Can I reinvest my stock or mutual fund dividends?

Can I buy IPOs through American Century Brokerage?

What types of accounts are available with American Century Brokerage?

How can I trade with American Century Brokerage?

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