Downloading Files & Using Adobe Reader

What is a PDF document?

PDF is an acronym for documents created in Adobe's Portable Document Format. The PDF format simply converts information into an electronic format. Adobe Reader is required to open PDF documents on your computer.

How do I know if Adobe Reader is installed on my computer?

Click on this Sample PDF  link.

The Sample PDF does not open on my computer

You must have the latest version of the Adobe Reader software installed on your computer, which is free and available for download at .

Adobe Reader is installed, but I'm still having problems viewing PDF files

You may experience problems viewing PDF files if the version of Adobe Reader on your computer is not the latest version available on . Follow these steps to determine which version is installed on your computer:

Open Adobe Reader on your computer Click on the Help menu, then select "About Adobe Reader..." The version is listed as "Adobe x.x.x mm/dd/yyyy" (where x is the version installed on your computer, and the date is when Adobe released the version). Write down this version. Visit and compare the version on your computer to the latest free version of Adobe Reader available for download. If you need to update the version on your computer, follow the download and installation instructions on Adobe's website.

What kinds of PDF files are available?

American Century Investments® offers a variety of PDF documents on our Web site, such as mutual fund prospectuses, brochures, forms and more.

Please note that accessing a PDF document may be somewhat slower than accessing documents provided in other formats, such as HTML.

Where can I get additional help?

Visit  if you have additional questions or need technical support.